Pure fascination. Three-dimensional shapes meet soft colours.

The ESPLANADE wall tile tells its own story – characterized by movement and elegance. ESPLANADE is a very special wall tile. With its gentle elevation or depression (ESPLANADE convex or concave), this is a rather unpretentious three-dimensional tile that adapts to almost any living space style. Light reflections make geometric patterns come to life, fascinating the viewer. The season plays a decisive role here. Whilst in summer even little slivers of light bring out its elegant shapes, the gentle sun of a winter morning creates small sparkles on the curved lines of ESPLANADE.

The colours on the images may differ from the ceramic colours.

Standard glazes –
in brilliant colours

Twelve different glazes are part of our standard collection. All glazes are produced in our own laboratory and applied by hand and this unique manufacturing character is visible on each ORO BIANCO tile.

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The colours on the images may differ from the ceramic colours.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2 cm
Tiles per m2: 93

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 1 cm
Tiles per m2: 93


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and elegant

On its own, ESPLANADE looks low-key. Its complex shape only stands out in an arranged pattern when the rounded edges create a harmonious picture of gentle waves. ESPLANADE defines the room atmosphere without becoming intrusive/presumptuous/overbearing.

Versatile and expressive

Few tiles in the ORO BIANCO TILES collection are as adaptable as ESPLANADE. Thanks to a thin glaze or a craquelé effect, the otherwise very elegant and discreet tile suddenly becomes expressive and bold-shaped. Thus, almost any furnishing style can be individually upgraded and refined with a matching tile pattern.