The most expressive wall tile

The diamond shape of the LIMMAT tile beautifies the room atmosphere. This wall tile can be installed in complex mosaics or other artistic motifs becoming a decorative element. When a discreet charm is desired, though, LIMMAT can be arranged horizontally. Complemented by appropriate fitting elements, the overall effect will be of unpretentious harmony. LIMMAT can either be used for decorative purposes or to embellish entire walls.

The colours on the images may differ from the ceramic colours.

Standard glazes –
in brilliant colours

Twelve different glazes are part of our standard collection. All glazes are produced in our own laboratory and applied by hand and this unique manufacturing character is visible on each ORO BIANCO tile.

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The colours on the images may differ from the ceramic colours.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 14,5 x 9 x 1,5 cm
Tiles per m2: 93
(Complementary fitting elements)

Discover the expressiveness of the LIMMAT wall tile.

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Compact and versatile

LIMMAT is the most versatile wall tile in the ORO BIANCO collection. The creativity of interior designers can therefore be limitless. Whether as a wall object or as a border – LIMMAT suits about any application and can thus be installed everywhere thanks to its size and matching fitting elements.

The charm lies
in the detail.

Ultimately, the expressiveness of LIMMAT is largely determined by its glaze. Whilst thicker glazes give/produce a rather discreet effect, thinner glazes emphasise the breathtaking diamond shape of this wall tile. Since we can achieve a vintage effect, LIMMAT can also be installed in historical buildings.