Discreet and calming

The wall tile PLÄTTLI is ideal for discreet interiors. Its dimensions and shapes match those of other products of the ORO BIANCO collection. PLÄTTLI can act as a calm counterpoint to the three-dimensionality of the other design tiles or it can be used on its own. PLÄTTLI is unpretentious, yet impressive. The overall effect of PLÄTTLI particularly depends on the chosen colour gamut. Whether discreet or bold, our PLÄTTLI is adaptable.

The colours on the images may differ from the ceramic colours.

Standard glazes –
in brilliant colours

Twelve different glazes are part of our standard collection. All glazes are produced in our own laboratory and applied by hand and this unique manufacturing character is visible on each ORO BIANCO tile.

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The colours on the images may differ from the ceramic colours.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 1 cm
Tiles per m2: 93

Experience the discreet PLÄTTLI tile first hand.

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Unpretentious but unique

Albeit PLÄTTLI looks rather inconspicuous at first glance, a closer look reveals the uniqueness of each individual tile. The result of a craftsmanship perfected over centuries, each tile is peculiar and has its own characteristics. Different details can be discovered in the glaze, which is applied by hand and therefore has its own unique character.


No other tile in the ORO BIANCO collection is as puristic as PLÄTTLI. This characteristic enables us to exploit its high potential for personalisation. With relatively little effort, we can produce customized glazes and surface designs.