Shop front and façade

The Paulus Academy has moved into its new building in the west of Zurich. The ground floor of the building is clad with specially formatted and glazed ORO BIANCO TILES.

The grid of the laying area provided for a 90x90mm tile. The dimensions differed from our tile from the collection and so the order ended up in our model room. A customised version of the tile was created, slightly smaller, slightly thinner.

With the completion of the new form, the glaze was applied. The glaze was to be fired with a high gloss in a specific NCS colour. A particular challenge was that the strong gloss should match the rest of the building with its matt plaster. In order to master this, our colour laboratory received plaster samples from the architects. The colour temperature, depth and gloss level of the ceramic glaze were adjusted in several stages.

The result is an animated tile covering in the entrance area. In relation to the building as a whole, the area is rather small. And yet it manages to transfer its effect to the entire building. That is what ORO BIANCO HANDMANDE TILES stands for.