Oro Bianco
handmade tiles

ceramic tiles

We combine ceramics with exclusive designs to create unique looking three-dimensional tiles for an almost endless range of application.

Each tile is unique
and handmade

Each of our collections stands for lively designs and gives that certain something to interior and exterior spaces, whether these may be bars, public and private areas or design hotels.

From discreet to extrovert, our tile series offer everything is needed for an extraordinary but contemporary interior design. Furthermore, they adapt to different furnishing features and styles and can be combined with each other.

tile design for innovators

Ceramic raw material is the perfect medium for creative minds, artists and architects. It is originally liquid and comes to life once it is shaped, worked and refined. Our ceramic and glaze experts are at your side with a wealth of knowledge and ideas. Realize your vision - create designs that are unique and special!

the white gold of the Westerwald

The ceramic region around the Westerwald, in Germany, became known worldwide at the beginning of the Baroque period. At that time, the characteristic stoneware made of light-firing clay gained importance throughout Europe. The attractive colour of the raw material as well as its particularly plastic malleability made it the most beloved during the Baroque period. The term "the white gold of the Westerwald" was coined – because unlike other natural resource deposits, clays and ceramics from the Westerwald are white and considered to be of particularly high quality.